PLX WAX (10)

Sacrificeable Antigraffiti 

microcera antigraffiti sacrificable

Sacrificial Antigraffiti protection.

Protection Sacrifiable antigrafiti Microceras.

Duration: 4-5 years.

Cleaning: 1 time.

Performance: 6-10 m2 / liter.

Finish: Satin (10).


Sacrifiable Protector for Graffiti

Allows 1 cleaning

Let the surfaces perspire



It is not corrosive

Surfaces where it can be applied:

Stone, Marble, Cement, Concrete, Porcelain, Natural stone

Iron, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Wood, Paints, ...


It is not diluted: ready for use.



It can be applied by brush, roller or gun.

Clean the surface to be protected from dust and dirt.

Apply the product until the surfaces are saturated and left to dry

The first hand has a white iridescent appearance that will disappear as the product dries.

Graffiti Cleaning:

Do not clean before 7 days after applying the product

Cleaning with hot water under pressure.

Water more than 90º

Pressure between 60-90 Bars


Also use soapy water and plastic brush


Renew PLX WAX after cleaning.