Permanent Antigraffiti Exterior Wood

Protección antigraffiti maderas exteriores
Protección antigraffiti maderas exteriores

PLX WOOD (P-04): finishing layer

Permanent Antigraffiti Protection.

Anti-graffiti protection in Solvent.

Duration: 5 years.

Cleaning:> 20 cleanings.

Performance: 16-18 m2 / liter

Finish: Satin (P-04).


IMPRIPUR (P-31): primer layer

Polyurethane sealer primer,

Two-component, Base + Catalyst (9: 1)

Performance: 8 m2 / liter

Finish: shiny.

Advantages and Cleaning:

We recommend the cleaning of graffiti with DECANOL or DECAPARKS

Spraying the surface, wait 3-5 minutes and clean with a cloth

banco exterior antigrafiti
Surfaces where it can be applied:

Outside woods, like wooden benches.

banco exterior antigrafiti

1.-Clean the surface to be protected from dust, dirt and grease.

The surfaces must be sanded very fine and without dust.


The wood should be well dried.

The entire surface of the wood must be sealed with the primer, above and below the bench, it is necessary to avoid water or steam entering, otherwise the protection could crack.

If the bank is painted and the paint is in good condition, do the same.


2.-Apply IMPRI-PUR, 2 layers

Time between layers 1 h (ambient temperature 22º)

Wait at least 6 hours to apply PLX WOOD

It can be applied by brush, roller or gun.


3.- Apply PLX WOOD, a thin layer

It can be applied by brush, roller or gun.


Drying to the touch 1 hour (ambient temperature 22º)


4.-Graffiti cleaning with DECANOL